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“Julie Papievis is truly a miracle.”

A devastating injury left Julie at the gates of heaven...​


A "Place of Light and Love" unveils the heavenly realm through near-death experiences, where divine love, radiant light, and indescribable magnificence abound. Journey with Julie Papievis and 3 other witnesses to a joy-filled, peaceful, and luminous eternal home.
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What People are Saying
​"There is no better teacher than experience.  Julie's story is sure to touch and inspire the heart of every reader.  Julie is a believer and a survivor, and she's living proof that God answers prayer.  This book will serve as an incredible source of encouragement and much needed hope for the victims of brain injuries and their families."
Felicia Middlebrooks, Morning Drive Anchor for WBBM Newsradio 780/WBBM CBS
​"An unbelievable, inspiring true story."
Basil and Spice
"Julies authenticity inspires me.  Her miraculous story is a compelling testimony of perseverance through faith."
Heather Gemmen, author of Startling Beauty

Divine Interventions:
Heartwarming Stories of Answered Prayers...

From the Editors of Guideposts with James Stuart Bell

Proof that God hears your prayers and cares about every detail

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My upcoming story, tentatively titled "Julie Papievis/NDE story/A Place of Light and Love," is set to be released this fall. It will tell the story of my near-death experience (NDE) and the impact it had on my life and my understanding of death.

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