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Divine Interventions:
Heartwarming Stories of Answered Prayers

From the Editors of Guideposts with James Stuart Bell

Proof that God hears your prayers and cares about every detail of your life!

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My upcoming story, tentatively titled "Julie Papievis/NDE story/A Place of Light and Love," is set to be released this fall. It will tell the story of my near-death experience (NDE) and the impact it had on my life and my understanding of death.

" Experience heartwarming true stories of answered prayer. "

When the path forward seems frightening or uncertain, it’s comforting to know you have a place to turn. God wants to help you. He’ll come into your life and help with whatever you need. You simply have to ask!

In our newest Guideposts Exclusive book, Divine Interventions, you will see first-hand how God answers the prayers of people like you. Whether you are crying out for a financial miracle or struggling with a difficult personal situation, this timeless message of hope will empower you to keep believing that all things are possible.

“An inspiring message of hope and faith—especially in these uncertain times.”

Divine Interventions will show you God’s mighty deeds, miracles, and incredible powers in action when we pray in earnest and call out for His help. Each heartwarming story is strengthened with examples from Scripture that perfectly illustrate each message. You will discover… - How to recognize answered prayers in your own life. - Insight into praying in fresh, new ways. - How God hears ALL prayers—even for the smallest thing. - Inspiring quotes from trusted Christian teachers. - How God helps us with the challenges of life. - And much, much more. You can take heart from these messages and know that God can unleash the same power in your own life!

divine interventions
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